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When we are intimated about a demand from our clients, we jump into action. Based on the trade and client specification we source workers using the following process:

Documentation And Sourcing

We acquire original documents for purposes like advertisement, clearance of workers from the client. They are then requested to send documents including but not limited to /Demand Letter/ Power of Attorney/ Specimen Work Agreement duly signed and stamped on company letter head. In order to source the right workers we place ads in newspaper and with our local agents. We also use online job portals to increase relevant applications.

Primary Screening and Interview

On receiving applications, we categorize the workers based on their experience, technical skill, etc. These candidates are then interviewed by our panel of experts.

Skill Test

If the clients feel the need, the workers are put to a series of practical tests at trade test centers. Greenways Travel Service, over the years, has developed and maintained excellent relations with these facilities

Regulations, Formalities & Emigration

The shortlisted workers are then required to follow through a series of formalities including medical examination, visa application, etc. On receipt of visa, the passports of the workers are sent to the emigration clearance will be clear through the online by us.


The workers are then mobilized and are given a detailed orientation about their profile and are also educated on the company’s nature of business prior to their deployment.

Recruitment Procedure

  • Analyse our clients requirements
  • With our resources have the candidates for the interview ensuring they meet the requirements.
  • We always prefer selection of the applicant to be done by the employer or his authorized representative. We will arrange the accommodation, transport and all other logistic support required for the client.
  • On the final selection of the candidates we send the workers for medical checkup by the authorized medical centre.
  • Finally on the date of the departure of the candidates we provide the basic orientation to the workers- their duties, responsibilities, work environment and the laws of the country of the employment.